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come/go full circle

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcome/go full circlecome/go full circle (also turn full circle British English)HAPPEN to end in the same situation in which you began, even though there have been changes in the time in between Sooner or later, fashion comes full circle. circle
Examples from the Corpus
come/go full circleThe neo-colonial wheel has almost come full circle.In a way, we've almost come full circle back to what I was trained to do, which is teaching.Only a classic endures, and sooner or later the fashion comes full circle.After the experiments of the 1960s, education has come full circle in its methods of teaching reading.Thus the research has come full circle.A manufacturer of sun care products has just issued a report showing that the view on tanning has come full circle.Today, society has evolved and the wheel has come full circle.So we have come full circle.Cross the Bahnhof bridge, and you will have come full circle back to the starting point.
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