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come good/right

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcome good/rightcome good/rightSUCCEED IN DOING something British English informal to end well, after there have been a lot of problems Don’t worry, it’ll all come right in the end. come
Examples from the Corpus
come good/rightMore generally, the logistical strengths that the Dole campaign had counted on began to come good.Since I was the best spinner of my type in the world, eventually it would all come right.In both cases, prices came right back down within three months.The wasp took off as if in fright, but she came right back.It will all come right, now that a different period of history has begun.It seemed clear Corbett wanted me to work at Salomon, but he never came right out and proposed.Periodically, these letters come right out of the woodwork.The light comes right through our curtains and makes sleeping difficult.
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