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come into focus/bring something into focus

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcome into focus/bring something into focuscome into focus/bring something into focusif something comes into focus, or you bring it into focus, people start to talk about it and pay attention to it These issues have recently come into sharp focus (=people have started to talk about them a lot). focus
Examples from the Corpus
sharp focusAt most ski resorts, large and small, there has been a sharper focus on day-care facilities and staff.The banning of the annual sea dump brought the issue of nuclear waste disposal into even sharper focus.That puts the importance of the order in sharp focus.Everything was in sharp focus, the horizon was a clear line dividing sea and sky; more rain about.In recent years this has been brought into sharp focus with growing public concern for a healthier and safer environment.The picture of the rejection of femininity is thus brought into sharper focus.Programs designed to motivate patients into leaving voluntarily brought into sharp focus conflicting institutional dynamics inherent in the leprosarium setting.The lack of sharp focus in this field is a serious obstacle to comparison of analyses and to proper explanation.
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