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come on stream

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcome on streamcome on streamespecially British EnglishTISTART DOING something to start working or producing something The new factory will come on stream at the end of the year. stream
Examples from the Corpus
come on streamThey will be concentrated in the same industries and come on stream as the economy is beginning its recovery from the depression.A seventy million pounds engine plant came on stream three years ago producing engines for Rover.With more and more reactors coming on stream every year, it was inevitable that problems would begin to occur.The Lomond platform is due to come on stream in April.The plant is scheduled to come on stream in the spring of 1992.Norton believes privatisation of electricity and water companies means more funds will come on stream.The new plant will come on stream at the end of the year.If successful, the trust will come on stream in April, 1993.No new cases would come on stream for us to deal with.
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