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come open/undone/loose etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcome open/undone/loose etccome open/undone/loose etcBECOMEto become open etc His shoelace had come undone. The rope came loose. come
Examples from the Corpus
come open/undone/loose etcThen she felt something on her arm and discovered her scarf had come undone.Some ropes had come loose and were swinging wildly in the wind.Think of all the things that come loose around the house.His heart felt it would come loose in his body, so wildly was it beating.When the Thayer principalship came open in the summer of 1981, Littky applied and reentered the educational world.As she reached the doors they came open, the button pressed by two people outside.Then sprinkle on water and re-trowel in come loose-use an emulsion paint brush.
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