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come out on top

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcome out on topcome out on topWINto win a difficult struggle or argument, especially one that has continued for a long time It’s difficult to predict who will come out on top. top
Examples from the Corpus
come out on topIn all action movies, the hero always comes out on top.While Gladiator came out on top, the contest was far from a shoo-in.But Tsongas turned those views around when he came out on top, beating rival Clinton in the New Hampshire primary.In a survey of customer preference, one model came consistently out on top.You could sum up the event by saying a batch of first-time nominees came out on top this year.Usually the team with the most talent comes out on top.Both individuals should feel they come out on top.Anthony Courtney's warnings welled up again, coupled with a new determination to come out on top.Yet, if they are in one, most men want to come out on top.The hero or heroine must ultimately come out on top.But WindowWorks comes out on top.
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