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come/roll/jerk/skid etc to a stop

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcome/roll/jerk/skid etc to a stopcome/roll/jerk/skid etc to a stopSTOP MOVINGSTOP something THAT IS HAPPENINGif a vehicle comes to a stop, it stops moving The bus came to a stop outside the school. The car skidded to a stop. stop
Examples from the Corpus
come/roll/jerk/skid etc to a stopIt swerved wildly towards the wall, bounced over the pavement and came to a stop four feet from the concrete wall.And moments later he comes to a stop.As it came to a stop, it widened the frenzied cluster of moths surrounding the yellow platform light over his head.When it jerked to a stop they were led out into a narrow carpeted passage.An unshaven old man in a stained jacket comes to a stop beside us.Once it has been consumed, the Darwinian machine comes to a stop.A limousine carrying Harris and several other black passengers jerked to a stop.He had given no sign of injury until we came to a stop.
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