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come to a stop

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcome to a stopcome to a stopif an activity comes to a stop, it stops happening Work on the project has come to a stop because of lack of funding. stop
Examples from the Corpus
come to a stopThe elevator finally came to a stop at the 56th floor.His looking finally came to a stop at the Big Nurse.As it came to a stop, it widened the frenzied cluster of moths surrounding the yellow platform light over his head.An unshaven old man in a stained jacket comes to a stop beside us.Lacuna came to a stop behind her, and pulled her gently into an embrace that for once was nothing but tender.The elevator rose smoothly, then came to a stop.With a triumphant belch, the train came to a stop and soon from a first-class carriage the beloved figure emerged.He had given no sign of injury until we came to a stop.We came to a stop outside my bedroom door and he made a lurching movement.
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