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come to blows (with somebody)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcome to blows (with somebody)come to blows (with somebody)FIGHTif two people come to blows, they start arguing or hitting each other because they disagree about somethingcome to blows (with somebody) over They almost came to blows over the money. blow
Examples from the Corpus
come to blows (with somebody)The two actors reputedly almost came to blows and ended the film not talking to each other.When Antony and Cleopatra come to blows, the scene explodes.We curse and leave the room or even come to blows.He and John, the Red Comyn, had come to blows before.Two men had come to blows, an arm had been broken.They came to blows in Jersey last weekend and Speedie was fined £50 in court.The effect was unnerving, and at first I thought the old men would come to blows.The two of them shouted at each other and until Daley stomped out, the secretaries feared they would come to blows.
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