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come to light/be brought to light

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcome to light/be brought to lightcome to light/be brought to lightFIND OUTif new information comes to light, it becomes known This evidence did not come to light until after the trial. The mistake was only brought to light some years later. light
Examples from the Corpus
come to light/be brought to lightHowever, very interesting dynamics regarding the competition and market structure are coming to light.It eventually came to light that the CIA had information about a security problem.It is a complete mystery to everyone how the following gems came to light in 1989.But as Judge Priore's investigation continues, more mysteries come to light.Few such blemishes, given the secrecy of organizational practice, came to light.The problem came to light when an ambulance was delayed attending an emergency at Harwood-in-Teesdale, just before Christmas.The relationship came to light when a mysterious note was handed to a barrister at an earlier hearing.The debate might have been clarified by study of the relevant Sanskrit texts: but these came to light only slowly.This came to light in the present century during widening and repair operations.
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