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come to rest

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcome to restcome to resta) STOP MOVINGto stop moving The aircraft skidded across the runway and finally came to rest in a cornfield. b) LOOK ATif your eyes come to rest on something, you stop looking around and look at that one thingcome to rest on My eyes came to rest on a photograph of a young man. rest
Examples from the Corpus
rest onHer gaze came to rest on the inscription at the top of the page.At last his gaze came to rest on Maeve, and his eyes widened, and a smile curved his lips.As though to tighten it a hand came to rest on hers.She felt his chin come to rest on her head.Her eyes glanced round the room before coming to rest on the lithe and handsome man sitting opposite.She woke slowly from a vague dream as an errant breeze drifted over her face, coming to rest on her mouth.There I was, falling through the air, blood pouring from my temple, coming to rest on the snow.
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