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come to the/somebody’s rescue

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcome to the/somebody’s rescuecome to the/somebody’s rescuea) to save someone who is in a dangerous situation A lifeboat came to the yachtsman’s rescue. b) to help someone who is having problems or difficulties Carol’s brother came to the rescue and sent her $1000. rescue
Examples from the Corpus
come to the/somebody’s rescueAnd I could see no more, until the cavalry came to the rescue.In theory, the Tory constituency parties could come to the rescue.Alberto has come to the rescue with One Step, a great new two-in-one shampoo and conditioner.But once again ingenuity came to the rescue.The thirty-day rule comes to the rescue for thirty days.But human ingenuity and intelligence, plus what may amount to an instinct for symbolism, comes to the rescue.Once again, Ashputtel sang her song for the birds; once again they came to her rescue.The designer from Mark Wilkinson, Debbie Weston, came to the rescue and suggested custom-painted ones.
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