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come true

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcome truecome trueHAPPENif wishes, dreams etc come true, they happen in the way that someone has said or hoped that they would The prediction seems to have come true. be a dream come true at dream1(5) true
Examples from the Corpus
come trueAfter 21 years, Carl's dream of owning a home came true.This was a dream that came true.We thought maybe our worst nightmare came true.People say that if you make a wish at the top of the hill, it always comes true.And in no time at all, they see their dreams come true.Ideas become a bit confused by the fact they feel a dream has come true.She was like a larger than life fantasy that had just come true.She was glad to see such a love story come true before her eyes.This is the land where dreams come true if you really, honestly want them to.But it is not a dream that is likely to come true, though perhaps not for the obvious reason.Patterson's dream came true when he won the Boston marathon on his first attempt.
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