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come tumbling down

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcome tumbling downcome tumbling downa) if something comes tumbling down, it falls suddenly to the ground Removing the debris could cause the rest of the building to come tumbling down. b) if a system, problem etc comes tumbling down, it suddenly stops working or existing In the last year, barriers have come tumbling down. tumble
Examples from the Corpus
come tumbling downSoon her marriage came tumbling down.Another set of walls comes tumbling down.As the Holy Spirit filled me, the barriers came tumbling down.One wrong move, we realized with horror, and the doors could come tumbling down.Then the stage came tumbling down.There is a loud clatter as a stack of circuit boards comes tumbling down.The statues came tumbling down all over the Soviet Union.And the marriage comes tumbling down as Roth, like a Roth hero, demands to become unbound from marital ties.He watched a huge white mountain collapse and come tumbling down on him.
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