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come unstuck

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcome unstuckcome unstucka) British English informalFAIL if a person, plan, or system comes unstuck, they fail at what they were trying to achieve a dangerous area of rock where many climbers come unstuck b) SEPARATEif something comes unstuck, it becomes separated from the thing that it was stuck to unstuck
Examples from the Corpus
come unstuckThis week, however, they came unstuck.Another day we nearly came unstuck altogether.Where I really came unstuck arguing with von Kranksch was on the subject of crystals.But even that achievement is now in danger of coming unstuck, as Larry Elliott points out on page 12.Because many skiers rely on skidding, they come unstuck in deep snow.Billy says that he first came unstuck in time in 1944, long before his trip to Tralfamadore.He told about having come unstuck in time.The layers of secrecy have come unstuck with time.
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