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comedianco‧me‧di‧an /kəˈmiːdiən/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 BOAPJOKEsomeone whose job is to tell jokes and make people laugh He started as a stand-up comedian (=someone who tells jokes to an audience).2 APsomeone who is amusing You’ll like Matt. He’s a real comedian.
Examples from the Corpus
comedianMaybe he ought to be trying to make it as a comedian.He is so much more than a comedian.Circus performers, magicians and comedians will round out the entertainment.Dan was always trying to be the class comedian.It wasn't just a matter of meeting an old comedian.The whole world, the whole of society was there for the comedians to plunder.The comedian was not officially notified until about an hour later.stand-up comedianThat double standard was the underbelly of every easy laugh stand-up comedians got when they did hooker jokes.Robert Benchley, a writer turned stand-up comedian who pioneered television-type comedy in his short films.
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