Date: 1300-1400
Language: French
Origin: comédie, from Latin, from Greek komoidia, from komos 'having fun, partying' + aeidein 'to sing'


Related topics: Media, Performing
com‧e‧dy plural comedies
1 [uncountable] entertainment that is intended to make people laugh
a career in stand-up comedy (=telling jokes in front of people as a job)
2 [countable]APAM a play, film, or television programme that is intended to make people laugh:
a highly successful TV comedy
3 [uncountable] the quality in something such as a book or play that makes people laugh [= humour; ↪ tragedy]:
Can't you see the comedy of the situation?
black comedy, situation comedyWORD FOCUS: film WORD FOCUS: film
types of film: comedy, romantic comedy, drama, thriller, western, action film, horror film, war film, art house film, silent film, feature film

films that use drawings or models: cartoon, animation, animated film

films in general: cinema

where you go to see a film : cinema British English/movie theater American English, multiplex

the people in a film: actor, actress, star, cast

the people who make a film: director, producer, film crew, cameraman/camerawoman, scriptwriter

the music for a film: soundtrack

the words and the instructions to the actors: screenplay

a short film advertising another film: trailer

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