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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcomeuppancecome‧up‧pance /kʌmˈʌpəns/ noun [singular]  DESERVEa punishment or something bad which happens to you that you really deserve You’ll get your comeuppance one day!
Examples from the Corpus
comeuppanceThe bad man always got his comeuppance, the hero got the girl.The animals are, and he's got his comeuppance.But what you might encounter now is a club that has suffered not a devastating loss, but a jarring comeuppance.At the end highway robberies, riots and an unspecified sense of comeuppance is what we are left with.They think they're wooing the masses; instead they're sowing the seeds of their comeuppance.Bad guys did not suffer their comeuppance in Act V on the forty-first floor.get ... comeuppanceThere's no better entertainment than seeing a bunch of over-paid, pampered prima donnas getting their comeuppance.Smugly repaired, it was on the wet homeward trip that I got my comeuppance.The animals are, and he's got his comeuppance.Nobody could doubt that metalwork was going to get its comeuppance.
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