com‧fort‧a‧ble S2 W3

furniture/places/clothes etc

making you feel physically relaxed, without any pain or without being too hot, cold etc [↪ comfort]
comfortable chair/bed/sofa etc
The bed wasn't particularly comfortable.
comfortable room/lounge/hotel etc
Joyce has a comfortable apartment in Portland.
comfortable clothes/shoes/boots etc
Wear loose, comfortable clothing.
comfortable to wear/use/sit on etc
Linen is very comfortable to wear.

physically relaxed

feeling physically relaxed, without any pain or without being too hot, cold etc [↪ comfort]:
I was so comfortable and warm in bed I didn't want to get up.
With difficulty, she rolled her body into a more comfortable position.


[not before noun] confident, relaxed, and not worried
comfortable with
She's never felt very comfortable with men.
In our business, we need people who are comfortable in an unstructured environment.


having enough money to buy the things you need or want, without having to worry about how much they cost
comfortable life/retirement/existence etc
Jean's looking forward to a comfortable retirement.


[usually before noun] if you have a comfortable win or lead, you win or are leading by a large amount
comfortable win/victory
The pair had a comfortable win, beating the German team by nearly three seconds.
The bill should pass in the House by a comfortable margin.
Another penalty from Roberts gave the home team a comfortable half-time lead.


[not before noun] if someone who is ill or injured is comfortable, they are not in too much pain

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