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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcomfortablycom‧fort‧a‧bly /ˈkʌmftəbli, ˈkʌmfət- $ ˈkʌmfərt-, ˈkʌmft-/ ●●○ adverb  1 furniture/places/clothes in a way that makes you feel physically relaxed, without any pain, or without being too hot, cold etc The hotel is modern and comfortably furnished. his comfortably baggy jeans2 physically relaxed in a way that feels physically relaxed, without any pain, or without being too hot, cold etc I was sitting comfortably in the lounge, reading a newspaper.3 money with enough money to live on without having to worry about paying for things She earns enough money to live comfortably. His family were comfortably off (=fairly rich).4 win/achievement easily and without problems Davis won comfortably, 9–1,9–3,9–2. the amount of work you can comfortably deal with5 confident in a confident and relaxed way They were soon chatting comfortably with each other.
Examples from the Corpus
comfortablyThe mosquitoes aren't too bad here, so you should be able to sleep comfortably.Parents are encouraged to ensure that the child is seated safely and comfortably.Buick dealers were comfortably above average in the latest consumer survey.Ellis won the race comfortably by 2.7 seconds over Conrad.The Tough Traveler backpack will comfortably fit children up to 4'6" tall.They become comfortably heavy-bodied, even cumbersome, and bumble their way through life at a more relaxed pace.Analysts say that workers should save 18% of their income to live comfortably in retirement.They packed all of that into a program that runs comfortably on an ordinary Power Mac.None of them parented comfortably, though they all dedicated themselves to the task.For most of the game they were able quite comfortably to hold the Norwich front line.The grass simply evolves into underwater grass and seems to exist equally comfortably waving dreamily around, endlessly drowning.comfortably furnishedThe bedrooms are all spacious, and comfortably furnished.The hotel is modern and comfortably furnished.All the bedrooms at the Hotel Ritz are simply and comfortably furnished and have the benefit of a balcony.All rooms are comfortably furnished and have their own shower and loo.Bedrooms are comfortably furnished, and some of them have excellent views of the surrounding mountains.All rooms are very comfortably furnished, have private televisions and a balcony with a side view of the bay of Acapulco.All the studios and apartments sleep 2-4 people and are comfortably furnished with private bathroom facilities and a balcony with sea view.sitting comfortablyManchester United are sitting comfortably at the top of Group A after four matches.Shortly the three of us were sitting comfortably before a well-stoked fire, toddies in hand.He was sitting comfortably in the crew lounge, reading a newspaper.There was room for about fifty women sitting comfortably on either side of the cloth.This involves sitting comfortably with your back and head erect.comfortably offMrs. Jenkins is still comfortably off , with her own house.won comfortablyThe final match against the local Lozère Regional Select U21s was won comfortably 54-3.It brought 40,000 people to Clyde football club's ground, where Lynch won comfortably.The drunken sailors won comfortably and the delirious home support cheered Johnstone's every move.Mr John Smith, the shadow chancellor, won comfortably in Monklands East.Clinton also won comfortably with 70 and 48 percent respectively.
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