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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcommendablecom‧mend‧a‧ble /kəˈmendəbəl/ adjective formal  PRAISEdeserving praise Your enthusiasm is highly commendable. Baldwin answered with commendable honesty.commendably adverb
Examples from the Corpus
commendableThe headteacher thanked the boys for their efforts, which he said were most commendable.Your speed in reporting, printing and distribution is highly commendable.Commitment of experimental method is in itself entirely commendable.She told herself that she was showing commendable delicacy in not probing.With commendable dispatch, it was completed and presented to the legislature in March 1880.Overall, thinking on children's needs, despite its commendable focus on specific categories, was incomplete.But Sue Grayson Ford has an impressive and commendable history and says she thrives on challenges.This, they felt, was symptomatic of the paper's commendable interest in and support of, the arts.The police acted with commendable restraint, considering the amount of pressure they were under.The whole workforce has adapted to the new computing system with commendable speed.highly commendableThe team's recent record is highly commendable.For purposes other than electoral forecasting such close estimates would be regarded as highly commendable.Your speed in reporting, printing and distribution is highly commendable.Santa gave them a highly commendable seven out of ten rating.
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