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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcommercecom‧merce /ˈkɒmɜːs $ ˈkɑːmɜːrs/ ●●○ noun [uncountable]  BUSINESSthe buying and selling of goods and services syn trade measures promoting local commerce and industry chamber of commerce, e-commerce
Examples from the Corpus
commerceHowever, alcohol commerce now imposes about 10 times more cost on society than it generates through taxation at all government levels.He had a genuine talent for commerce and soon had a brilliant career working for the World Bank.Almost continuous revolution for twenty-seven years following independence had disrupted industry, commerce, and all progressive development.One of the roles of the federal government is to regulate interstate commerce.interstate commerceIn many areas such schemes are operated by the local chamber of commerce or residents' association.Code of commerce, so to speak.She could illustrate her arguments with clever examples drawn from the real world of commerce.Sad to say, science is no longer pure: commerce pays for it and commerce calls the tune.Congress is given power to regulate such commerce in unqualified terms.
From Longman Business Dictionarycommercecom‧merce /ˈkɒmɜːsˈkɑːmɜːrs/ noun [uncountable]COMMERCE1the buying and selling of goods and services SYN TRADEModern computing facilities are very much in demand by industry and commerce.a guide to English for Commerce international commerce Internet commerce interstate commerce passive commerce2old-fashioned a school or university subject concerned with the principles and methods of business and how offices are run SYN BUSINESS STUDIESHe was trying to finish a commerce degree at university. see also e-commerce, m-commerce, t-commerce
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