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commercial traveller

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commercial travellercomˌmercial ˈtraveller noun [countable] British English old-fashioned  BOSELLsomeone who travels from place to place selling goods for a company syn sales representative
Examples from the Corpus
commercial travellerIn August Sarah was invited to a dinner dance by a commercial traveller who came to the shop.And did you know that your dear Andrew is a commercial traveller?One of the inn's habitués, a commercial traveller named Thomas Paufer, bore an uncanny resemblance to Johnson.He's a commercial traveller and the wife's a cook in a Newcastle hotel.In 1866 he married Lucy Ellen, daughter of Edward Jones, commercial traveller.Harry Secombe was the third child of a none-too-successful commercial traveller living on a council estate near Swansea.
From Longman Business Dictionarycommercial travellercomˌmercial ˈtraveller British EnglishMARKETINGJOB another name for TRAVELLING SALESMANMotels are especially convenient for commercial travellers. traveller
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