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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcommerciallycom‧mer‧cial‧ly /kəˈmɜːʃəli $ -ɜːr-/ ●○○ adverb  1 PROFITconsidering whether a business or product is making a profit The project is no longer commercially viable (=certain to make money).[sentence adverb] Commercially, the movie was a flop.2 BUSINESSPROFITproduced or used in large quantities as a business commercially farmed land3 BUYif a new product is commercially available, you can buy it in shops the world’s first commercially available 3-D computer screen
Examples from the Corpus
commerciallyHad only one been wrong, it might indeed have suffered commercially.Proteolytic enzymes can also be applied to, or injected into, cuts commercially.Certainly there are commercially available recognition units which can be plugged into home computers but they are very unsophisticated.The duration of the semiconductor design right depends on if and when the topography is commercially exploited.Much of the land around here is commercially farmed.This proved to be so commercially successful that it became a reciprocal arrangement, with Mills and Boon importing Harlequin titles.Nintendo has been commercially successful.Several preparations are available commercially, two of which are presented in Table 3-9, as examples.commercially viableGiven the limited scale of release in Britain, the results were encouraging rather than commercially viable.Still, I suppose the play's commercially viable.The point is to be commercially viable.These approaches produced successes, and the subfield of expert systems became commercially viable.Two other developments have helped to make mains signalling commercially viable.They've devised a series of guidelines that will enable the beauty spot to stay both commercially viable and beautiful.Many may argue that such a precise level of customer communication is not commercially viable or technically feasible.A number of grants and incentives are available for projects which are socially desirable, but not commercially viable without support.
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