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commissionercom‧mis‧sion‧er /kəˈmɪʃə $ -ər/ ●○○ noun [countable]  1 PGOsomeone who is officially in charge of a government department in some countries2 SCPthe head of the police department in some parts of the US3 PGa member of a commission
Examples from the Corpus
commissionerIn Mike Straus, he had a commissioner who would stoke the engine until the rivets began to pop.County commissioners face urgent issues that are more deserving of government time and money.Its five commissioners are now down to three.Tensions flared in the long-running Senate Whitewater hearings Thursday as a former Arkansas securities commissioner testified that she warned then-Gov.The tax commissioners rejected such claim: the revenue did not appeal.Rick Perry, the Texas commissioner of agriculture, is a rancher with an aversion to hyperbole.During the spring of 843, the commissioners did their job of surveying the royal resources in Francia.We have a Negro vehicle commissioner.
From Longman Business Dictionarycommissionercom‧mis‧sion‧er /kəˈmɪʃənə-ər/ noun [countable] the head of a COMMISSION1 or similar organization, or a member of one
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