Date: 1300-1400
Language: Latin
Origin: committere, from com- ( COM-) + mittere 'to send'


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com‧mit S2 W2 past tense and past participle committed, present participle committing


[transitive] to do something wrong or illegal:
Women commit fewer crimes than men.
commit murder/rape/arson etc
Brady committed a series of brutal murders.

commit suicide

to kill yourself deliberately

commit adultery

if a married person commits adultery, they have sex with someone who is not their husband or wife

say you will do something

[intransitive and transitive] to say that someone will definitely do something or must do something
commit somebody to doing something
He has clearly committed his government to continuing down the path of economic reform.
commit somebody to something
Meeting them doesn't commit us to anything.
commit yourself
I'd committed myself and there was no turning back.
commit yourself to (doing) something
The banks have committed themselves to boosting profits by slashing costs.


[intransitive and transitive] to give someone your love or support in a serious and permanent way:
Anna wants to get married, but Bob's not sure he wants to commit.
commit to
He has not yet committed to any of the candidates.


[transitive] to decide to use money, time, people etc for a particular purpose
commit something to something
A lot of money has been committed to this project.

for trial

[transitive] British English to send someone to be tried in a court of law:
The two men were committed for trial at Bristol Crown Court.


MH [transitive] to order someone to be put in a hospital or prison
commit somebody to something
The judge committed him to prison for six months.

commit something to memory

formal to learn something so that you remember it [= memorize]

commit something to paper

formal to write something down

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