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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcommittedcom‧mit‧ted /kəˈmɪtɪd/ ●○○ adjective  WORK HARDwilling to work very hard at something syn dedicated The party has a core of committed supporters.committed to We are fully committed to Equal Opportunity policies.COLLOCATIONSadverbsfully/totally/wholly committedBoth sides claim to be fully committed to the peace process.deeply/strongly/firmly committedHe was deeply committed to his faith.passionately/fiercely committed (=in a way that you feel very strongly)We are all passionately committed to our work in Africa.politically/ideologically committedThey were ideologically committed to democratic principles.emotionally committedAs a couple, they were emotionally committed to one another.irrevocably committed formal (=in a way that cannot be changed)By now the Americans were irrevocably committed to the war.verbsremain committedThe government remained committed to the treaty.become committedThey became committed Christians.feel committedI never really felt committed to the job.nounsa committed supporterHe remains a committed supporter of the present government.a committed member of somethingShe is a committed member of the Scottish Socialist Party.a committed Christian/Muslim/pacifist etcThey consider themselves to be committed Christians.
Examples from the Corpus
committedIt is unlike that of any politician, environmentalist or businessman, however committed and well intentioned they may be.As committed feminists they feel that feminism can greatly assist the professional mental health worker.The Sprint service provides a committed information rate, guaranteeing a minimum sustained throughput.The company looks for highly committed people, who are willing to study for further professional qualifications in their own time.But it will be desperately close as two exceptionally committed sides bid to keep their championship season alive.John is a very committed student.Tanzania is a country committed to building socialism in the long term.Edinburgh sees itself as a university of the new millennium, committed to research and teaching.There are many experiences which can sensitise and inform committed work.committed toResidents are very committed to solving their neighborhood's problems.
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