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commonercom‧mon‧er /ˈkɒmənə $ ˈkɑːmənər/ noun [countable]  SSCLASS IN SOCIETYsomeone who is not a member of the nobility
Examples from the Corpus
commonerBut Aye was a commoner and could not become pharaoh without marrying into the royal family.John, the son, became a fellow commoner of Trinity College, Oxford, and died unmarried.The rights of registered commoners were to continue unchanged.Muscovy's commoners, of course, were not an undifferentiated mass.This comprises a small number of true wasteland species, commoner there than in other habitats.Then in the eighteenth century there was conflict between Crown programmes of economic development and the interests of the commoners.The commoners, who had everything to lose from undertakings such as his, were firing an opening shot.
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