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com‧mu‧ni‧ca‧tion S2 W1
1 [uncountable] the process by which people exchange information or express their thoughts and feelings:
Good communication is vital in a large organization.
Radio was the pilot's only means of communication.


a) TC [plural] ways of sending information, especially using radio, telephone, or computers:
Modern communications are enabling more people to work from home.
b) TT [plural] roads, railways etc that are used for travelling and sending goods
communications with
Paris has good communications with many European cities.
c) [uncountable] the study of using radio, television, cinema etc to communicate:
a diploma in communications
3 [uncountable] the way people express themselves so that other people will understand:
a week's course in improving communication skills
There has been a breakdown in communication (=failure).

be in communication with somebody

formal to talk or write to someone regularly
5 [countable] formal a letter, message, or telephone call:
a communication from the Ministry of Defence

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