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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcompanionshipcom‧pan‧ion‧ship /kəmˈpænjənʃɪp/ noun [uncountable]  FRIENDLYwhen you are with someone you enjoy being with, and are not alone When Stan died, I missed his companionship.
Examples from the Corpus
companionshipBut that award deals only with compensation for loss of love and companionship.Mrs. Greene keeps dogs for companionship and security.He was lonely and looking for companionship.Older people often benefit from having a pet for companionship.A surge of participation in evening classes and sports is as much about a search for companionship as mental and physical fitness.And why not enjoy the unexpected gift of happiness that her companionship would surely bring?She is young, and she has a girl's needs, of companionship and of love.Agnes had no relations, and relished the companionship of her headmistress.In the preceding weeks she had shared the companionship of the Little Sisters of the Poor.
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