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companionwaycom‧pan‧ion‧way /kəmˈpænjənweɪ/ noun [countable] technical  TTWthe steps going from one deck (=level) of a ship to another deck
Examples from the Corpus
companionwayHe strode off along the companionway and Rostov turned to watch him.Immediately Nathan rose too, casually placing himself between her and the companionway.He passed into the saloon, found the companionway at once and descended to a central passage.Nathan emerged from the companionway with two mugs of coffee.At the bottom of the companionway she struggled out of the wet oilskins and dropped them on the floor in a heap.When Alexei was out of sight round the curve of the companionway, he turned and walked on.She turned towards the companionway, then stopped.Ian shook himself free from his bunk, pulled on his flannels and swung himself up the companionway and on to the deck.
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