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comparative comfort/freedom/wealth etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcomparative comfort/freedom/wealth etccomparative comfort/freedom/wealth etccomfort, freedom, wealth etc that is quite good when compared to how comfortable, free, or rich etc something or someone else is syn relative After a lifetime of poverty, his last few years were spent in comparative comfort. She didn’t want to leave the comparative safety of the shelter. comparative
Examples from the Corpus
comparative safetyForster slithered to Delaney and got a grip, pulling him back to comparative safety.Had she locked herself in a place of comparative safety?Just as they reached the top and comparative safety, Lilley yelled for everyone to bale out.He was ridden down before he could reach the comparative safety of his parsonage at Yateley.I saluted him and then made my way back to the farmyard and the comparative safety of the farm buildings.New ideas can be bounced around in the comparative safety of the governors' meeting and reactions gauged.She shivered, and was glad to gain the comparative safety of the open area in the centre.From a place of comparative safety she was able to observe as Joe pushed his way onward, unaware of her move.
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