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comparative study/analysis etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcomparative study/analysis etccomparative study/analysis etcCOMPAREa study etc that involves comparing something to something else a comparative study of the US and British steel industries comparative
Examples from the Corpus
comparative study/analysis etcAll the topics covered would have to be placed in context but there would be no, say, comparative studies.Other recent examples of comparative studies are those of Lowe - independent study modules and lecture tours, in 1981.Space and resources preclude an exhaustive or even an extensive comparative study in this work.She said a comparative study of about 15,000 randomly selected Gulf War veterans is planned for the near future.Thus, the comparative analysis of achievable stopping patterns by bus, light rail and suburban rail is well done.The comparative study of institutions is not new in political science.The comparative study of kinship terminologies is one of the longest established traditions in academic anthropology.
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