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compare notes (with somebody)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcompare notes (with somebody)compare notes (with somebody)informalTALK TO somebody to talk to someone in order to find out if their experience of something is the same as yours Leading scientists got together in Paris to compare notes on current research. compare
Examples from the Corpus
compare notes (with somebody)The New Moms group allows us to compare notes.Between courses, Rebecca and I disappear into the toilet together to compare notes.The journalists gathered in knots to compare notes and decide on the best angle on the story.Students and lecturers should be able to use the system to compare notes and ideas.I wanted the chance to compare notes and probe and ask questions, and with this approach I could.I am eager to share my thoughts with you, to compare notes, and to get your opinions.It was only later, when we compared notes, that we put his source down to something inhuman.
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