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compatiblecom‧pat‧i‧ble1 /kəmˈpætəbəl/ ●●○ AWL adjective  1 if two pieces of computer equipment of software are compatible, they can be used together, especially when they are made by different companiescompatibility Will the software on my PC be compatible with a Mac?2 TDable to exist or be used together without causing problemscompatibilitycompatible with Stephen’s political views often weren’t compatible with her own.3 SUITABLETOGETHERtwo people that are compatible are able to have a good relationship because they have similar opinions or interestscompatibilityRegisterIn everyday English, people often say that two people are (just) right for each other, because compatible sounds rather formal:On paper they seemed like the perfect couple, but maybe they just weren't right for each other.
Examples from the Corpus
compatibleThe very fact that one can choose, however, shows that the two figures are compatible.This is a double responsibility: two responsibilities which sometimes are not compatible.In the end these separate plans are cobbled together by a central planning department and adjusted to make them compatible.The two businesses have compatible aims, and a merger would be to everyone's advantage.Certain kinds of drug are not compatible and should never been taken together.Compatible couples generally share the same values and have similar lifestyles and goals.Quite often they have to be compatible, however, with paintings or with full-size sets or even with location shots.The success of a relationship depends largely on how compatible two people are and how well they communicate.It is functionally compatible with 24-pin generic array logic devices and functions at the same speed as the 16V8 above.Unfortunately he bought a printer that was not compatible with his computer.Liver biopsy, performed in 10 patients, showed changes compatible with sclerosing cholangitis in non-AIDS patients in five cases.Recipes accepted as great and sacrosanct are not always compatible with sense.To put it in its starkest form, capitalism is perfectly compatible with slavery.compatible withThe project is not compatible with the company's long-term aims.
Related topics: Computers
compatiblecompatible2 noun [countable] technical  TDa piece of computer equipment or software that can be used in or with another piece of equipment, especially one made by a different company
Examples from the Corpus
compatibleThe first is that there are no systematic entailments between sentences differing only in respect of compatibles in parallel syntactic positions.
From Longman Business Dictionarycompatiblecom‧pat‧i‧ble1 /kəmˈpætəbəl/ adjective COMPUTING computer equipment or software that is compatible with other equipment or software can be used with it, even if the two are made by different companies or use different operating systemsIBM compatible computerscompatible withMake sure that the software is compatible with the other applications you want to run.compatiblecompatible2 noun [countable usually plural]COMPUTING a piece of computer equipment that can be used with other computers, even those made by different companiesthe IBM PC and its compatibles
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