Date: 1600-1700
Language: Late Latin
Origin: competitio, from competere; COMPETE


com‧pe‧ti‧tion S1 W1
1 [uncountable] a situation in which people or organizations try to be more successful than other people or organizations [↪ compete, competitor]
competition for
Competition for the job was intense.
competition between/among
Sometimes there's a lot of competition between children for their mother's attention.
This price reduction is due to competition among suppliers.
competition in
competition in the automobile industry
fierce/stiff/intense etc competition
There is fierce competition between the three leading soap manufacturers.
be in competition with somebody/something
Government departments are in direct competition with each other for limited resources.
in the face of competition (from somebody/something) (=in a situation where you are competing with someone or something)
Small grocery stores are going out of business in the face of stiff competition from the large supermarket chains.
2 [singular, uncountable] the people or groups that are competing against you, especially in business or in a sport [↪ compete, competitor]:
Going to trade fairs is an ideal opportunity to size up the competition.
no/not much/little etc competition (=no one who is likely to be better than you)
Jones is certain to win the race; there's just no competition.
a lot of/considerable/fierce etc competition
The team overcame fierce competition for their place in the finals.
foreign/international competition (=companies from other countries that you are competing with)
Japanese PC makers now face foreign competition in their home market.
3 [countable] an organized event in which people or teams compete against each other [↪ competitor]COLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
enter a competition (=take part in a competition) hold/run/launch a competition (=organize a competition) win/lose a competition be out of a competition (=no longer be in a competition) knock somebody out of a competition (=defeat someone so that they can no longer take part in the competition) a knockout competition British English (=one in which if you lose a game, you are no longer in the competition) the winner of a competition
a photography competition
competition to do something
a competition to find a designer for the new building
Teams from high schools all over the state have entered the competition.
The competition will be held in Copenhagen next year.
With France out of the competition, England have a great chance to win.
Liverpool were knocked out of the competition in the third round.

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