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complementarycom‧ple‧men‧ta‧ry /ˌkɒmpləˈmentəri◂ $ ˌkɑːm-/ ●○○ AWL adjective  1 SUITABLEcomplementary things go well together, although they are usually different The computer and the human mind have different but complementary abilities.2 technical complementary colours of light are very different and combine to make white3 HM technical two angles that are complementary add up to 90 degreescomplementarity /ˌkɒmpləmenˈtærəti $ ˌkɑːm-/ noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
complementaryIt is, therefore, the complementary life form to the animals of Earth.But it needs complementary mechanisms for counselling, transmission of experience, management expertise, financial support, upskilling programmes.Bain and McCaskill have complementary skills - she is creative while he is highly organized.Already complementary technology agreements have been made among local firms to support these ambitions.This is not to say that complementary therapies act only at the psychological level.But these two sides were not only complementary, they were in conflict.Can the combination of both inward and outward investment be made complementary to rather than a substitute for domestic investment?The definition of a liability is complementary to that of an asset.
From Longman Business Dictionarycomplementarycom‧ple‧men‧ta‧ry /ˌkɒmpləˈmentəri◂ˌkɑːm-/ adjectiveMARKETING sold or used with other productscomplementary goods, for example videocassettes and videorecorders
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