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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcompletelycom‧plete‧ly /kəmˈpliːtli/ ●●● S1 W2 adverb  COMPLETELYto the greatest degree possible syn totally I completely forgot that it’s his birthday today. He had never completely recovered from his illness. a completely new range of low-cost computers I’m not completely sure. Portuguese is pronounced completely differently from Spanish.THESAURUScompletely to the greatest degree or in every wayThat’s a completely different subject.Bad weather had completely destroyed the crops.totally/absolutely especially spoken completelyI’m totally exhausted.He’s absolutely right.entirely completely – used especially in negative sentences or after ‘almost’I’m not entirely sure.The community is almost entirely dependent on farming.utterly completely – used especially to emphasize strongly disapproving wordsIt was utterly impossible to work in the house.The whole thing is utterly absurd.fully completely – used especially to show that you completely understand something or that you have all the information you needHe was fully aware of what was happening.The disease is still not fully understood.
Examples from the Corpus
completelyFlannery was the first to go completely.For a while, the adoption program shut down completely.The only way Glass could overcome this irreconcilable difference was by doing away with the bar lines completely.Once the program is installed, it runs completely automatically.Keith's dad was completely different from what I'd expected.Muscle cells and fat cells are completely different kinds of tissue.I intended to give you the card on Saturday but I completely forgot.His knee is not completely healed.Sometimes the UK seems completely isolated from the main stream of European culture.It amazed her now how completely love could abrade those sharp edges.She felt completely relaxed.The carpet is completely ruined.Devastated ... he's completely smashed me to bits, she thought, just as I knew he would.There was sand on the ground, about four inches deep, completely surrounding the building.Its principle was completely understood, and was opposed with equal zeal and ability.They are completely without inhibition, a bus fall of preteens on a field trip.
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