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completioncom‧ple‧tion /kəmˈpliːʃən/ ●○○ noun [uncountable]  1 FINISH DOING somethingthe state of being finished The house is nearing completion (=almost finished). The project has a completion date of December 22nd.2 FINISH DOING somethingthe act of finishing somethingcompletion of The job is subject to your satisfactory completion of the training course.on completion (of something) On completion of the building, they make a final inspection.3 SCL law the final point in the sale of a house, when all the documents have been signed and all the money paid
Examples from the Corpus
completionThis preparatory work was practically complete at the outbreak of war and authority was given a few days before for completion.A suitable compromise is for completion to be conditional on the results of an environmental audit.Repair work is scheduled for completion in August.A 10% deposit is usually required on ordering with the balance on completion.Without her patience, sensitivity, and encouragement this project would never have reached completion.A nationally recognised qualification should be awarded on successful completion of a validated course.Full details of the methodology will not be released until completion of the fieldwork.completion dateThe final completion date for the whole project is 2003.Supply agreements with key customers which are due for renewal shortly after the intended completion date.From this information, a job completion date is produced: The target is achievable, but only by hard work.This provision may cause confusion to clients as they will not understand that it only relates to a late completion date.Among their criteria: Cancel any project that remains unfinished more than 20 years past its original completion date.Their target completion date is late 1990.Market Tests with target completion date of end of September 1993 Note: 1.When you've got your completion date, you can breath a sigh of relief - and get your removal firm organised.on completion (of something)A 10% deposit is usually required on ordering with the balance on completion.Restrictions will be found in non-competition covenants included in service contracts executed by key employees on completion as part of the transaction.Copyright comes into force immediately on completion or publication of the work and does not normally have to be recorded or registered.A bonus, payable on completion of the fixed-term contract, is also commonly included in the compensation package.For these reasons international trade entails a greater risk of non-performance of a contract and non-payment on completion.The first stage on completion and the second following the results of the completion audit.This payment structure is particularly suited to projects which generate a large capital sum on completion.The execution of a transfer on completion of sale is unquestionably within the power conferred by the power of attorney.
From Longman Business Dictionarycompletioncom‧ple‧tion /kəmˈpliːʃən/ noun [uncountable] British English LAWPROPERTY the final point in the sale of a property, when the documents have all been signed and all the money has been paid SYN closing AmEWhen you buy a house in an auction, completion normally takes place four weeks later.
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