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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcomplexitycom‧plex‧i‧ty /kəmˈpleksəti/ ●○○ AWL noun (plural complexities)  1 COMPLICATED[uncountable] the state of being complicatedcomplexity of There is increasing recognition of the complexity of the causes of poverty. a design of great complexity2 [countable usually plural]PROBLEM one of the many details or features of something that make it hard to understand or deal withcomplexity of The complexities of economics are clearly explained.
Examples from the Corpus
complexityBut as James' tale develops, it assumes complexity.The public mood seemed to be that more organizations mean more bureaucracy, complexity and expense.Watson, I am accustomed to being baffled by complexity.These are the questions pursued by complexity science.First, Temple confronted the life of the real world in all its complexity.This is a universal law of vivisystems: higher level complexities can not be inferred by lower-level existences.How to choose the right model complexity is explained in these chapters.The article attempts to explain the affair's legal and political complexities.Now he was getting a lesson in the complexities of human relationships.Many people struggle with the complexity of the tax forms.
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