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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcompliancecom‧pli‧ance /kəmˈplaɪəns/ noun [uncountable] formal  OBEYwhen someone obeys a rule, agreement, or demandcomplyin compliance with something He changed his name to Lee in 1815 in compliance with his uncle’s will.compliance with Patients should have a history of good compliance with treatment.ensure/secure/enforce compliance The staff involved should be monitored to ensure compliance with the policy.
Examples from the Corpus
complianceUnused tablets were counted, allowing compliance with treatment to be estimated at greater than 90% in all patients.Improvisation is at odds with the legitimate caution in managerial concerns over decision making, strategy organization design, and compliance.During the discussion, it was noted that major progress had been made in compliance with human dimension commitments.Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., also argued that increased fines were needed as a way to pressure businesses into compliance.A review of compliance should be carried out in two years' time.This induces a sense of compliance. 2.A committee on compliance was set up, comprising representatives of all 15 Security Council member countries.ensure/secure/enforce complianceThey regularly review engineering and architectural drawings and specifications to monitor progress and ensure compliance with plans and specifications.The traditional budget ensures compliance with the conditions set out in the appropriations; that is, it acts as a control mechanism.In spite of directives ensuring compliance and enabling the Commission to take offenders to the Court of Justice, the situation is little changed.Where enforcement in a sanctioning system is occasionally dramatic, securing compliance with regulation has little potential for drama.Whatever, it eventually became impossible to ensure compliance.The organization is free to use any available social mechanisms to enforce compliance and ensure its own stability. 5.The distinction between threat and imposition of economic pressure is important since the threat can sometimes be sufficient to secure compliance.
From Longman Business Dictionarycompliancecom‧pli‧ance /kəmˈplaɪəns/ noun [uncountable] LAWwhen someone obeys a law or rule or keeps an agreementThe Coast Guard can board any ship and check its compliance with safety rules.The refinery is operating safely and in compliance with clean air standards. see also declaration of compliance
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