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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcomplicatedcom‧pli‧cat‧ed /ˈkɒmplɪkeɪtɪd $ ˈkɑːm-/ ●●● S2 W3 adjective  1 COMPLICATEDdifficult to understand or deal with, because many parts or details are involved syn complex a complicated voting system For young children, getting dressed is a complicated business.very/extremely/immensely/highly etc complicated Mental illness is a very complicated subject.RegisterIn written English, people often use complex rather than complicated, because it sounds more formal:The problem is very complex.2 COMPLICATEDconsisting of many closely connected parts syn complex a complicated pattern The human brain is an incredibly complicated organ.THESAURUScomplicated consisting of a lot of different parts or details and therefore difficult to understandThe rules of the game seemed very complicated.I didn’t realize programming the VCR would be so complicated.The brain is like a very powerful, very complicated computer.a complicated issuecomplex a complex process, relationship etc is difficult to understand because it has a lot of parts that are all connected in different waysThe chemical processes involved are extremely complex. the complex relationship between government and the mediaelaborate having a lot of parts or details and very carefully planned, but often more complicated than is necessaryMike had worked out an elaborate system for categorizing his collection of DVDs.The plan to kidnap her had become even more elaborate.Sociologists have been coming up with increasingly elaborate theories to explain unsafe sexual practices.involved very long and complicated – use this especially about something that you think should be made simplerThe system for choosing candidates is very involved, and I won’t go into it here.Adopting a child can be a long involved process.convoluted too complicated and difficult to understand – used especially about someone’s language or arguments, or about a systemconvoluted sentencesProcedures for government funding have become more convoluted.James’s books are full of long paragraphs and convoluted sentences, which many people do not find appealing.intricate having a lot of small parts or details – used especially about something that is cleverly designed or madeLasers are used to cut intricate designs in the metal.The farmers use an intricate system of drainage canals.the intricate workings of a watchintricate patterns of coloured marble
Examples from the Corpus
complicatedI didn't realize programming the VCR would be so complicated.It can be even more complicated.The body, however, is quite complicated.The new law is complicated and confusing.The symbolism is complicated and relies on a great deal of background information.It's certainly the best way to produce more complicated boards.The brain is like a very powerful, very complicated computer.The references I have made to light and existence only touch the surface of a very complicated debate.A more complicated mount might have distracted one's eye from the flowers and the frame.the complicated problem of bringing peace to the Middle EastThe Tour may now display a hero, but it's also likely that this long and complicated race shelters a secret.a complicated set of instructionsUpper classes are often heavily loaded with current world affairs and the complicated workings of the United Nations and its agencies.very/extremely/immensely/highly etc complicatedIn fact they can get extremely complicated.The story of marriage and divorce law is extremely complicated.He added that the application procedure is very complicated and depends on full information from the tenant.All she would need to do would be to ask the subject to perform some very complicated arithmetical calculation.This sort of request has extremely complicated emotional, practical and social repercussions for the people who are left.Some of these complexes form immensely complicated sequences of nucleic acids which begin to replicate themselves.Only when the very complicated structure of the brain exists will smells come into existence.
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