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complicitycom‧plic‧i‧ty /kəmˈplɪsəti/ noun [uncountable] formal  1 SCTAKE PART/BE INVOLVEDinvolvement in a crime, together with other peoplecomplicity in Jennings denied complicity in the murder.2 involvement in or knowledge of a situation, especially one that is morally wrong or dishonestcomplicity with His complicity with the former government had led to his downfall.complicit adjective The careers of officers complicit in the cover-up were ruined.
Examples from the Corpus
complicityThe robot was working within the substance of the hydra and with its apparent complicity.Larry blinked as the light left his face and laughed to show his complicity.Here the degree of complicity is, and perhaps has to be, far higher than the viewer ever suspects.One could survive only by silence and a strict refusal of complicity.Dennis gave me the vague smile of complicity that men exchange in lavatorial situations.At its worst, it amounts to complicity in crimes against humanity.complicity inHe was charged with complicity in the murder of Sayers.
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