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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishcomplimentscomplimentsPRAISE[plural] praise or good wishes This soup is delicious; my compliments to the chef. compliment
Examples from the Corpus
compliments toThe tendencies are compliments to the power of statecraft and faith, marks of their potential for danger when unchecked.Thomas, his voice light, asked for his compliments to be sent to Cook, asked for a little more wine.Please give my compliments to Captain Tynes, and thank him for the smooth ride.We suggest that the choosing of the names for the child enables the parents to pay compliments to other relatives.
From Longman Business Dictionarycomplimentscom‧pli‧ments /ˈkɒmpləməntsˈkɑːm-/ noun [plural] with the compliments of.../with our compliments written on a compliments slip or used when a company or organization gives or send goods to someone without charging themThese starter packs for new businesses are free, with the compliments of Barclays Bank.