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compose a letter/poem/speech etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcompose a letter/poem/speech etccompose a letter/poem/speech etcWRITEto write a letter, poem etc, thinking very carefully about it as you write it Compose a letter to your local paper stating your views on an issue of your choice. compose
Examples from the Corpus
compose a letter/poem/speech etcThe trainee is expected to compose a letter and a memo from short notes provided.Presumably Mira is composing a poem, counting the syllables as she walks.She began to compose a letter in her head, then rejected the idea.His movements were slow, his gaze abstracted, as if he were composing a poem in his head.Then he turned over the piece of paper and composed a letter to his wife, Olga.Me and my sore back composed a letter to Martina.
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