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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcompositecom‧po‧site1 /ˈkɒmpəzət $ kɑːmˈpɑː-/ adjective [only before noun]  1 MIXmade up of different parts or materials The author builds up a useful composite picture of contemporary consumer culture. composite metals2 American English a composite drawing or photograph consists of pictures of each separate part of the face put together into one drawing, and is used especially to help catch criminals a composite sketch
Examples from the Corpus
compositeAll syllabuses show the effect of many influences and are matters of composite authorship.For some people, a composite career can serve as a bridge from one work life to another.Nothing spectacular, until you open the large, beautifully-shaped composite cowlings to inspect the engine.The incident became the basis for the widely distributed composite drawing of the suspect.The composite index rose 1.1 per cent to 411.98, with turnover significantly higher than Friday.The Nasdaq composite index was off 9. 48 points at 1,723. 31.Marble discards are crushed to make the gravel or composite paving stones you see all over the world.The police put together a composite sketch.
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compositecomposite2 noun [countable]  1 MIXsomething made up of different parts or materialscomposite of The child’s character was a composite of two girls I knew.2 SCP American English a picture of a possible criminal, made by police from descriptions given by witnesses syn identikit British English
Examples from the Corpus
compositeI was a fraud, a composite of traits I felt rightfully belonged to these two.These chitin fibres are embedded in matrix materials, making the wall material like a carbon fibre composite.The Nasdaq composite fell 8. 60 to 990. 21, though technology stocks ended the session relatively unchanged.The Nasdaq composite lost 8. 60 or 0. 86 %, to 990. 21.The Nasdaq composite was led by Cisco, which was up 211 / 16 at 8515 / 16.Several witnesses identified the man in the composite.The composite is constructed from a graphite cloth which is soaked in a special resin.composite ofThe plane's body is made of a composite of Kevlar and carbon fibers.
From Longman Business Dictionarycompositecom‧po‧site /ˈkɒmpəzətkɑːmˈpɑː-/ adjective [only before a noun] made up of several different parts or thingsthe Nasdaq composite indexIts shares finished at $58.375 a share, down 37.5 cents, in composite trading on the New York Stock Exchange.
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