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compost heap

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcompost heapˈcompost heap British English, compost pile American English noun [countable]  leaves, plants etc that you have put in a pile in your garden in order to make compost
Examples from the Corpus
compost heapInstead of tossing my garbage over the deck, I must tend it in a compost heap.There is a corker gathering steam not far from my cottage over the siting of a compost heap.The acidity in the citrus is excellent for raising the acid level in the compost heap.An alternative to digging in the green manure in spring is to cut and add the material to the compost heap.Always remove rose prunings, leaves, blooms and other bits to the fire and not to the compost heap.The compost heap was outside, not in her bedroom.So keep up the heat in your compost heap by covering it with black plastic sheets, old carpets or sacking.
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