Sense: 1-2,4
Date: 1500-1600
Sense: 3
Date: 1600-1700
Language: Malay
Origin: kampong 'group of buildings, village'


1 noun
com‧pound1 [countable]
1HCC technical a substance containing atoms from two or more elements:
man-made organic compounds
compound of
Sulphur dioxide is a compound of sulphur and oxygen.
2 a combination of two or more parts, substances, or qualities
compound of
Teaching is a compound of several different skills.
Brush on a damp-proofing compound.
3TBB an area that contains a group of buildings and is surrounded by a fence or wall:
a prison compound
4SLG technical a noun, adjective etc that is made up of two or more words. The noun 'flower shop' and the adjective 'self-made' are compounds

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