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com‧pre‧hen‧sive W3
1 including all the necessary facts, details, or problems that need to be dealt with [= thorough]:
We offer our customers a comprehensive range of financial products.
a comprehensive guide to British hotels and restaurants
The following guidelines do not aim to be totally comprehensive.
comprehensive review/study/survey/account etc
a thorough and comprehensive review of the case
a comprehensive study of alcoholism
! Do not confuse with comprehensible (=possible to understand) or understanding (=sympathetic about people's problems): His report was barely comprehensible. | My parents are very understanding.

comprehensive insurance/cover/policy

car insurance that pays for damage whether it is caused by you or someone else

comprehensive education/system

SES a system of education in Britain in which children of different abilities go to the same school and are taught together
comprehensively adverb:
No system has failed as comprehensively as the prison system.
comprehensiveness noun [uncountable]

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