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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcompunctioncom‧punc‧tion /kəmˈpʌŋkʃən/ noun [uncountable usually in negatives] formal  ASHAMEDa feeling that you should not do something because it is bad or wronghave/feel no compunction about (doing) something He had no compunction about interfering in her private affairs. They used their tanks against the leftists without compunction.
Examples from the Corpus
compunctionCompared to people in other functional areas, they feel little compunction about challenging or questioning a superior.Maskelyne felt no compunction to answer any of these allegations.When there was evidence, the prosecution had no compunction about strengthening it with lies.I have no compunction about seeing you in the gutter.Alistair left me and judy together with no compunction while he went off with the others.But they were generally accompanied by a sense of compunction and self-abasement of which Newland Archer felt no trace.Four weeks ago, early yesterday even, she would have said no, without compunction.Without compunction, Fox kicked him awake.have/feel no compunction about (doing) somethingI have no compunction about seeing you in the gutter.
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